Cycle Atlanta Dashboard

Mapping the ride to a better Atlanta

Exploring Cycle Atlanta Data

Cycle Atlanta users bike for a number of reasons, and come from different backgrounds. In the dashboard below we have provided a way for community members to explore the data generated by users of the Cycle Atlanta mobile app. The interactive visuals help answer current questions posed by urban planners and the public, but also provoke new questions about the state of cycling in our city.

Who is a "typical" Cycle Atlanta user?

Cycle Atlanta users tend to be white and male, biking as part of a commute. 26% of Cycle Atlanta rides are taken by females - this is consistent with national figures reported in the 2009 American Community Survey.1 However, a 2013 report by the League of American Bicyclists, "Women on a Roll," identifies a recent national push for gender equity in cycling communities.2

Take a minute to explore the data. For example, click to select and deselect sectors on the "Rides by Age Group" pie graph. Notice how selections change the information displayed on the other graphs. You can set multiple criteria as you filter through the data. Try filtering 24-34 year-old rider category (the largest age category) by gender. How does the graph depicting "Rides by Type" change?

Longitudinal Cycling Data
Explore timeline data based on ride purpose throughout the year. Hover over points on any of the lines to get a tooltip of how many people rode that week by purpose. You can also click on any of the series keys in the legend to remove a purpose, and click it again to add it back to the graph!

Click and drag to zoom in on a time-span

Demographic Data
Below, you can split the data by different demographic factors such as age, ethnicity and gender. All selections will be reflected in all of the other graphs - just click on a variable of interest.
Rides by Ethnicity
Weekly Volume
Rides by Gender
Rides by Age Group
Frequency of Rides
Rides by Type
Calendar Data
Hourly ride data is displayed below. Days of the week (Monday - Friday) are shown along the x-axis, along with hours of the day along the y-axis. You can filter by hour by holding the "Shift" key and clicking to select bars on the graph. You can also view rides by "hour of day" or "day of week" categories by selecting corresponding category label. For example, to view all rides that took place between 7-9am hold "Shift" and click "7", "8", and "9" from the y-axis.


Your input can help others in the Cycle Atlanta community be letting them know about assets and issues you encounter during your ride. Use the "Note this..." function in the Cycle Atlanta app to add comments and post pictures.

How can I report a roadway or sidewalk hazard?
If you noted an issue during your ride, you can take the additional step of reporting it directly to the the Atlanta Department of Public Works. The Department of Public Works has created a single online form that allows citizens and visitors to report potholes and other potential roadway and sidewalk hazards located within the City of Atlanta.

Click here to report a potential hazard to the City of Atlanta. You may also report potential roadway and pedestrian hazards directly by calling the Department of Public Works Customer Service Center at 404-330-6333 Monday - Friday, 8:15 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Remember to call the Atlanta Police Department (911) in the event of an emergency.

1. [American Community Survey, U.S. Census Bureau]
2. [Szczepanski, Carolyn (Aug. 2013). "Women on a Roll: Benchmarking women's bicycling in the United States - and five keys to get more women on wheels." The League of American Bicyclists Report of Current Data. Web.]